Trends for senior housing is changing and senior housing communities are struggling to update their community models. As the baby boomers enter their golden years, their wants and demands are different then the previous generation of seniors. Because of this occupancy is at its all time low. There are a lot of new senior housing communities, but not as many occupants as of late.

Here are 10 things that the baby boomers are expecting during their golden years in senior housing communities:

  1. Location – Boomers want to be in a good location. They no longer want to be in a quiet segregated area. They want to be where there is easy access to shopping, culture, fine dining and other activities. They want housing that looks like resorts or country style living.
  2. Technology – The incoming group of seniors are very tech savvy. They expect smart devices to be able to do activities, contact people, look at their daily food menu and much more. Communities are creating tech savvy and user friendly platforms to enrich resident life.
  3. Architecture – Seniors don’t want their community to look like a retirement community. This can get depressing for them. They are into art-deco design and warm colors. They want it to look like a home. These design details greatly impact their life and mood.
  4. Pets- Many seniors have pets! They can’t imagine having to give up their pet to live in a senior community. Some senior communities are allowing seniors to bring along their fur babies as their companions. They have pet friendly amenities like walking trails and off-leash dog areas.
  5. Dining – Just because you are a senior does not mean your taste buds are also getting old. Seniors don’t want boring cafeteria style food. They want more restaurant style dining options. Research has shown that seniors need more nutritious options, which is why senior communities have upped their game in the food department.
  6. Fitness –┬áBecause the seniors entering senior living have a more energetic and youthful demeanor, program coordinators are now rethinking how to keep them fit. They are trying more energetic, outdoor and boutique fitness classes like tai chi, yoga, and walking clubs.
  7. Travel – Many retirement communities organize world adventures. You can travel with your friends in the community to places you have always wanted to visit, but never had the time to.
  8. Volunteer – Many seniors even though they are retired still want to work. Retirement communities help set up volunteer opportunities for seniors. They can help at soup kitchens, tutor children, or any type of volunteer activity they are suited for.
  9. Education – Many seniors still want to attend college. Maybe they were never able to study what they wanted to in college. They now have the chance to take classes. They can even take these classes online.
  10. Healthcare – Communities are creating access to better healthcare. A lot of communities now offer onsite healthcare clinics that provide routine exams and emergency care for daily health concerns.

The days of the old type of senior living communities are over. In 2020 and beyond, seniors are demanding (and rightfully so) more optimal living situations. They want to be able to do more and see more.


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