Nowadays, most people are cutting out their old school home phone or they are just not getting one. They are now relying on their cell phone or Voice over IP (VoIP) services. Both of these systems use the home’s WIFI internet connection to operate.

Now what happens when your house loses electricity? Your cell phone and VoIP system will stop working. What happens then? Should you have really cut the chord on your home telephone system?

VoIP and mobile phone services are highly dependent on electricity and internet connections. If you don’t have electricity, you have no way of working your phones.

What can you do in a these emergency situations?

Keep Extra Batteries Handy

You can keep extra batteries handy for your cell phone for these types of emergencies. This can help extend your cell phone life until the electricity comes back.

Get A Home Phone

We know home phones are a thing of the past, but for these emergencies you should consider getting one. A copper service phone can help during disasters. You can call your VoIP company to see if they can add an old school telephone service back to your home. You need to call your VoIP company because sometimes they remove the copper line in your home when installing the VoIP system.

Get A Generator

Getting a back up generator is not a bad idea. It can be pricey though. You can decide which part of the house the generator will support in case of emergency. Usually, the kitchen is the best place. You can then run an extension cord from the kitchen or generator to your modem or network interface.

Be Educated

It is always a good idea to know which type of landline phone service you have. Also you should know what happens to it during a power outage.

Have A Corded Phone

Its like as much as you are trying to be technologically advanced, we are pulling you back to the 1980’s. Well in case of a natural disaster and power outage, you should have a corded phone. Just make sure that the phone you purchase is not plugged into an electrical outlet.

The new age of cell phones and Voice Over IP systems are great. They have wonderful features and have advanced the way we communicate. The down side is that in cases of emergency, these systems will not work. You will not be able to communicate. This is why it is essential to still have a backup copper wire telephone system.


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