Selecting a new mattress can be a difficult task. After all it is an expensive investment and most of the time you cannot return it if you make the wrong choice. This sounds like an intimidating job. With this quick overview I have noticed the main topics you will need to understand when selecting a mattress.

Are you sleeping on a mattress that is more than 8 years old? Does your back hurt? Or do you have disturbed sleep? Maybe its time that you change your mattress. It is time for a switch. — when picking a mattress, the biggest decision is to decide between foam or coils. Foam provides great hug, shape, and a special feel. For many sleepers I urge foam. But if you are really big (250+), need a traditional feel, or have intense cooling requirements, coils are the better option.

Here are some things to consider when picking your next mattress.

What’s Your Budget?

Select a budget that is appropriate for you.  Do not spend less than $500 unless you desire a mattress that is likely to break down (and one which may possibly be toxic also).

How Firm Do You Want The Mattress?

Many sleepers would rather have a stability in the 5-7 out of a 10 range. This is right for all sleeping positions and many body types. Should you  go  4 or under, you’re probably a side sleeper. If you go over a 7 you’re most likely a tummy or back sleeper. 

What Positions Do You Sleep ?

Pick a mattress with a stability that fits with your requirements. Negative sleepers go with 3-6 from 10. Stomach go with 5-7 from 10. There will obviously be outliers in every one of them, but uses these as general instructions to begin.

 How Much Do You Weigh?

Picking a mattress is related to your body weight. The heavier you are, the greater the service foams need to function to provide optimal relaxation. Weight impacts how much support you’re going to get from the mattress based on overall sink-age and stress factors.

There are lots of factors to consider when picking a mattress. Make sure to look into the details of the mattress you are considering very carefully before clicking the purchase button.


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