Are you researching career choices? Are you looking for a career that can help others? One with high job satisfaction, excellent pay, great benefits, and lots of job opportunities?

Nursing just might be for you!

Below are 10 reasons why nursing is a great field to join. 

1.Time and again, nurses mention making a difference as the number one reason they went to nursing.

2.There are a ton of nursing jobs out there. You will find ample job opportunities. There is actually a national nursing deficit. There are a lot of jobs for nurses out there, but not enough nurses.

3. You have lots of opportunities outside of nursing. With a nursing degree you can work in numerous facets of health care. You can work in preventative care, billing, nursing management, and academia.

4. Nursing Is a Reputable and Respected Profession. Nurses are among the most trusted and respected profession . Individuals believe that nurses have high integrity. It has been in the top twenty careers for the last 17 years.

5. There is Significant Opportunity for Inter professional Collaboration with other health care disciplines. Nurses have the chance to collaborate with their health care partners, like doctors, respiratory colleagues, and allied health spouses. Together, they function to make safe patient care.

6. Nurses have a High Level of Job Satisfaction. Nurses can start off as a registered nurse and then evolve into various regions of nursing like patient care coordination, nursing school, and health care management, and even working within the neighborhood in public health businesses. They are able to branch out.

7. With advanced nursing degrees, a nurse can do a lot more. A nurse can go into managing other nurses, academia or more specialized areas of practice.

8. Nurses Get Great Benefits. Tuition reimbursement for continuing education, generous paid time off, tax savings programs, life insurance, retirement plans, medical-dental-vision insurance, and the above-mentioned program flexibility–all of these are frequent nursing job advantages. You might even be able to get your student loans forgiven, as nurses have access to many different loan forgiveness programs.

9. There are opportunities globally. There’s a good demand for health care not only within the United States but globally, and travel nursing is an excellent chance to fulfill those health care requirements.

10. Health care is ever-evolving, and also a love of education is all but compulsory in nursing. Ongoing education requirements differ by state, but it is significant that nurses continue to construct their knowledge nurses and their understanding of their health care profession, of their health care delivery model, as well as course they fit in that model.

After reading these reasons, you should look more into becoming a nurse. There are wonderful advantages from benefits, travel, to career fulfillment.


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