White sand beaches, palms trees and a beautiful view of the ocean sounds like a wonderful vacation. Jamaica fits the description of this wonderful vacation. Vacationing in Jamaica can be expensive. This is why creating a budget is important when planning your vacation to Jamaica.

While lounging by the beach is often free, tourists will be expected to cover any other activity they intend to take part in, and much more, over the course of their tropical holiday. As a result of this, budgeting is an essential part of planning for your trip.

Below are some tips to follow when creating your budget for your dream Jamaican vacation.


On average, tourist spend $300 a day to stay at an all in inclusive resort. This means that you will have a place to stay, activities, entertainment, food and a secure place . You may find all inclusive resorts cheaper than this. The minimum is usually around $80. Prices for all-inclusives are usually higher because they include meals and activities.

Some of the more posh and appealing regions of Jamaica, such as Montego Bay and Negril, feature resorts and hotels with high price tags. It’s important to thoroughly research your accommodations prior to making a final choice. Negotiation is possible at almost all areas on the island, especially during a low travel season.

Daily Spending

On most holidays, your budget is mostly for lodging, food, travel, and activities. If you are at an all-inclusive resort, you have already taken care of most of them in the expense of your hotel. Buying your holiday in one neat, little package may save you money and will surely cut down on the amount of individual items in your budget.

If you are not booking an all inclusive travel deal, you have to consider your daily spending. You have to consider your food expenses for meals three times a day plus snacks. When eating out you have to add gratuity to your bill.

In addition, activities. The beaches maybe free to lounge on, but the other activities cost money. Lastly, you need to consider your method of transportation. The most expensive way to get around in Jamaica is renting your own vehicle.


One fee you might not like and should double check is departure tax. Be careful: You might have already paid the departure tax once you purchased your airline ticket, so if you are departing by plane you may wish to be certain that you don’t pay double.

Another less than welcome cost you will encounter in Jamaica is an island-wide sales tax, which many visitors forget to budget for.


If you are a shopaholic or simply planning to bring home some unique souvenirs or Jamaican rum, do not forget to add this to your budget. Naturally, spending on Jamaican things is up to you since you’re the only person who can estimate how much you are going to want to spend. Keep in mind, negotiation is almost always necessary when buying in Jamaica and bargaining is a simple way to make your budget go further.

Now that you have some tips on how to plan your Jamaican getaway. Start planning! And enjoy your travels.


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