For lawyers, a wonderful traditional suit is mandatory uniform. In case you haven’t started law school yet, you’ll want to add a new suit on your list of back to school supplies. You’ll not just want it for job interviews, but if you intend on getting involved in moot court, you’ll need to use one, also.

Here are five tips on ways to save a lot of cash on a superb looking suit and tie!

  • Buy suits that are available in store. Read the department store paper advertisements religiously. It is simple to score a sharp looking suit for under $200 in the event that you keep your eyes open.
  • Prevent add-ons. Recall that department store salesman are paid on commission, which means they are likely to attempt to up-sale you with straps, socks, and cuff links.
  • Do not buy fashionable suits for two reasons: 1) law is a really conservative profession. If you appear in a suit that seems like it should be on a run way model, you’ll likely get funny looks from judges; and two ) trends come and go. If your suit goes out of fashion, you’ll likely be tempted to fork over more cash to buy another. Proceed with a timeless. You’ll never fail.
  • Do not have your suit custom made. Custom made suits are expensive. They can cost up to $400 an hour to be tailored.You can find a similar suit in the ready made section and just have a bit tailored if need be.
  • Buy a lightly used thrift store suit and get it tailored. Locating a wonderful thrift store suit is going to take a great deal of patience and time.

If you are a law student or entering the legal field, you will need a sharp looking suite to represent yourself in court. These five tips will guide you in finding the perfect suit for these battles.


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