Fitness should be easy and practical. Something about packing a bag, getting into a car, and going to the gym does not seem easy and practical to many people. Adding to the hassle of traveling someplace simply to work out are scheduling conflicts and crowded gyms. How can you stay healthy and active with these barriers working against you?

Having a gym at home simplifies everything. Plus it gets rid of all the excuses you might have for not working out. You can easily fit in a workout in between your schedule. Even spreading small workouts throughout the day is valuable.

There are five reasons you should invest in owning your own home gym.

1- Privacy

You can work out in the privacy and comfort of your own home! Having privacy has its advantages. You can:

  • Take your time and figure out how to do exercises properly
  • Take your time and find out appropriate positions
  • Figure out how to use the equipment
  • Decide the correct workouts for your fitness needs 
  • You don’t have to worry about your clothing selection
  • No small talk 
  • You don’t have to feel body shamed

2- Freedom

By having a home gym, you’re making fitness decisions according to your needs, not by what is available. You no longer have to worry about the one piece of equipment you need to use at the gym being unavailable.

A home gym provides flexibility, which means that you can change your workout routine  any way you feel necessary to fit your goals. You can create a plan that is right for you rather then working your gyms availability of machines into your program. 

3- Convenience

A home gym is much more convenient than driving to a gym. A home gym is not weather-sensitive. If there is inclement you cannot exercise outside. Also, you probably will not want to drive to the gym. Your home gym is available during all types of inclement weather. 

In addition, with work and family obligations it can be hard to find a convenient time to go to the gym for a workout. With your own gym at home, you will not have to worry about  inconvenience. You can go any time, even at 1 in the morning. 

A home gym is convenient because you can fit in workouts whenever you want throughout the day. You may want to workout late at night and the only gym open during this time is your home gym.

4- Time Efficiency

By cutting driving time out of your gym schedule, you gain time. You can use the time you save commuting to the gym for work, family time or it can be extra gym time.

You also save time because you don’t have to wait for others to give you a turn on gym equipment. By working out in your home gym, you have access to your own bathroom. This helps save time because you don’t have to wait for showers to be available.

Add your everyday chores to your workout as a warm-up and cool-down to save more time. Folding laundry is a great way to warm up arms before arm day workouts. Also, you can vacuum to cool down your thighs after a leg day workout.

5- Cost

It’s not unusual for individuals to overestimate how frequently they’ll use a gym membership . Purchasing a membership looks like a good deal when you sign up for a contract. However, after joining a gym going may seem like a hassle. It is tough to get motivated to go to the gym.

If after joining the gym and signing the contract, you decide that the gym is not for you. You are stuck. Gyms do not allow members to get out of their contracts. There are small loopholes for medical reasons, but they require proof. Gyms generally do not give refunds to their members. 

Commercial gyms are a for-profit company which makes money from customers. Normally, consumers pay anywhere from a few dollars each trip to tens of thousands of dollars per year just for access to their equipment. When you add everything up, creating your own home gym is financially smarter.

By investing in a home gym you spend less on gasoline, membership fees, and fancy workout clothing. In addition, you are able to have more privacy and save time. A home gym may sound like a lot of hard work to build, but once you have built it you will definitely enjoy the benefits. 



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