Thinking about taking an adventure to Thailand? But you are hesitant because of all the costs involved? There are lots of ways to save money on your trip to Thailand. You just have to do some research on how.

Every day, create a list of this day’s expenses. Keep entrance receipts and tickets along with you whenever possible, this will help you add up the days expenses. Examples of classes are: food & beverage, transportation, lodging, tours and private hygiene. This way, you will know just what expenses you want to save on.

Read the tips below so that you can learn how to travel through Thailand on a budget.

  1. Take out a good lump sum of money from the ATM. Using ATM’s in Thailand costs a good deal of money. That is not even taking into consideration the negative exchange rate. A much better solution would be to bring banknotes with you from home.
  2. Traveling like the locals. Whether you decide to travel by bus, train, ship or plane, be certain to always travel in 2nd class.
  3. Tempting as it is to consume fruit shakes daily, if you want to save money, it is ideal to consume water. You are able to refill your bottles everywhere in Thailand for 2 Baht.
  4. Avoid costly taxis. Bangkok’s taxis are quite cheap in comparison with those on Koh Samui. Sometimes it’s ideal to have a songtaew. All these are common taxis, utilized throughout Thailand, which come in all sizes and shapes. They operate on fixed routes and you can pick when to jump off or on.
  5. Bring items from home. It may save a great deal of money.
  6. The sooner you reserve your flight (at least six weeks earlier ), the cheaper it’ll be. If you are flying last-minute, then compare various airports. For instance, occasionally flying into Bangkok from Brussels rather than from Amsterdam can save hundreds of euros.
  7. Leave a Little tip. In Thailand, leaving tips is not crucial. Nobody will turn their noses up at you in the event that you do not do it. Thus do what we do; give 20 baht. That should be sufficient and you will not be considered stingy.
  8. Eat locally. Sure in Thailand you’ll have hamburgers, fries, bread and pizza. However, it can cost twice as much as a Thai meal.
  9. Haggle on lodging. Whether you’d like to stay for a couple nights more or arrive at a resort without a reservation, you should request a reduction in price. 
  10. Back in Thailand, haggling resembles a match. It is possible to haggle on cab rides, souvenirs, snorkeling excursions, you name it. There is no harm in trying. 

A trip to Thailand can get expensive very fast. With airfare, lodging and food. With the ten tips provided above you are on your way to create an affordable Thailand adventure.


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