Owning a car these days is very expensive. However, it is an absolute necessity to own a car to be able to get around to work, school, activities, and groceries. How can you do all of this without a car? With gas prices constantly going up, it is necessary to reduce your other car related expenses. Below are five simple things you can do in order to reduce your car expenses.

Drive A Reliable Car

The best thing to do is to purchase a reliable car. Before you purchase a car, you should read up on the car safety ratings. You should also make sure to read reviews of the car you want to purchase and understand if the car will endure the test of time. Dig into consumer reports as well. Check to see how much it will cost you if a part needs to be replaced. Basically, before you purchase the car understand everything about it.

Routine Maintenance

It’s crucial to have a routine maintenance program. Every car is different. Its best to read your car owners manual on how to best maintain your car. Routine maintenance can help you save time and money because it can prevent significant repairs.

Shop Around For Car Insurance

Car insurance is not cheap. Unfortunately, you cannot operate a vehicle unless you have car insurance. Some tips on how to get better pricing for car insurance include:

  • Changing car insurance companies. This can save you up to $500 annually for being a new customer.
  • Requesting your existing insurance company for a better price.
  • Look for discounts. Lots of insurance companies provide discounts¬† for students, seniors, veterans, cars which have passive restraint methods, and anti-lock brakes.

Alternative Forms Of Transportation

The most obvious way to save money on a car is to not own a car. Perhaps consider living in a big city where you can walk to everything. Or where you can use public transportation or bike to your destinations. This will definitely save you money in the car department.

Monitor Your Driving

Some insurance companies provide a device you can connect to your car that monitors your speed, time of performance, etc.. After a predetermined amount of time, you can plug your device into your computer and upload the data to your insurance company. This helps them understand your driving and if its all good you can get a discount. Insurance companies like Progressive provide programs like this.  

Get The Best Deals On Repairs

Not every mechanic can provide you a reasonable deal. You should shop around for a reliable and cost effective repair shop. If you can try bargaining for a better deal, but don’t sacrifice the quality and standard of the repair for your car.

It’s possible to save money on car costs! You just have to get creative and work a bit to do so. Make sure that you are keeping up with regular care, finding the very best car insurance quote, and making right decisions.



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