Arranging a family vacation can be fun and and create anxiety. In the end, you will have to figure out a vacation that your entire family can agree on and of course stay within budget.

While camping or a beach vacation sound great, an African Safari is a different type of family vacation that your kids will enjoy. Even your older kids will love a trip into the wild of Africa to see the animals.

Below are a some reasons an African Safari is a great idea for your next family vacation. Along with a couple of strategies to cut down the price even more.

Kids Are Free! (Sometimes)

Many African Safari packages provide a “kids free” promotion which may result in huge savings. This is a major advantage cost wise. Remember that you will still need to pay fees and taxes for your children. This is usually just a couple hundred dollar.

Score Accommodation, Food, And Entertainment For A Low Cost

Because your vacation is in Africa, you can score cost effective accommodations, food and entertainment. You can stay at nice hotels for a better price and try all the local food at affordable costs. Also, if you are into shopping you can shop your heart out. Saving money on all these things will help free up holiday funds to invest on other areas of your family holiday.

Visit A Number Of Destinations

Going on a Safari allows you to see some really cool stuff. You can go on a river swamp boat ride. Or you can take a jeep into the jungle to see the cool animals.. You can also go into town to learn the traditions of the locals. There are a ton of activities to do. And lots of distinct destinations you can pick from when going on an African Safari.


Because you are on a safari, you probably won’t have to worry about your transportation. There are experts who know the area you are visiting who will take you around. You can hire a driver to show you around the city. Also, transportation is fairly cheap in Africa. Its like hiring your personal Uber driver for your entire vacation


If you are eager to book your African Safari with a particular travel agency, you should register to receive their newsletter so that you are able to learn first about special promotions and bargains. Along with kids free offers, it is common to see promotions for accommodations and all inclusive deals.


It’s suggested to reserve close to a year before your trip in order to find the lowest pricing along with maximum perks. Also, this helps find the exact accommodations you want. 

Pay For Your Safari Using Your Travel Reward Credit Card

Remember using a travel credit card is a smart idea to help decrease your out-of-pocket prices. Not only are you able to get a travel credit card which doles out rewards to pay for your safari in its entirety. You may also be able to use your travel rewards points for car rentals or anything else you may need while on vacation.

African Safari’s are a lot of fun and a great way to save money, but still have fun on a family vacation. If you are in the market for a vacation,  you should definitely consider an African Safari. 


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