Going out on a date can be expensive. You may want to plan an epic date to a concert, go out dancing, watch a movie or have an amazing meal at a top notch restaurant. All this can get quite pricey. Majority of people can’t afford all of this on every single date they go on. Luckily there are a lot of cheaper date options that can be just as fun as these extravagant date nights. The simple fact of the matter is that if you are with somebody good, you will have fun together whatever you decide to do.

Whether you live in a small city or a big city, there are lots of choices for some amazing  inexpensive date nights. There are  cheap, super fun, date ideas at your fingertips. Listed below are some amazing alternatives for dates which will not cost an arm and a leg, but will make you smile from ear to ear.

Go For A Walk

If you live close to a mountain you can go hiking. If you live in a more metropolitan setting, you can go wandering throughout the city. Going for a long walk allows you plenty of time to talk, hold hands and explore the views. This is a very simple activity, but can be very meaningful.

Have A Picnic

Raid your fridge and see what you can assemble to go on a picnic. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You can make peanut butter jelly sandwich’s if that is all you have. Grab your food, a blanket some drinks and find a quiet spot to plot down. If its cold where you live, just find an indoor place that you can have a picnic. Its not the place that matters, but the people who do.

Go To The Cinema

Yes, go to the cinema but not the typical one. Most cities have theaters that show older movies for a lot less. You can get a ticket for maybe $3. Find one of these theaters to enjoy a classic movie.

See A Movie — In Bed

If you do not have a discount theater nearby, you can always find some thing on TV. Make it feel special by popping popcorn and snacking on your favorite candy. Watch a couple of movie trailers on YouTube to feel as if you  are at the theater watching “coming attractions” too.

Bathe In The Sun

If you are in a warmer climate, you can spend the entire day just bathing in the sun rays. If you are close to a beach its even better. You can grab some food and activities and head to the beach for the day.


There is nothing more rewarding than donating your time for a fantastic reason — nothing more romantic than performing this along with your special someone. From a pet shelter to a homeless shelter and everywhere between.

A Meal For 2

Whip up a meal in your home on a budget. You will find hundreds — maybe thousands — of recipes on the internet that are economical, delicious and satisfying. Some of these recipes claim that you can feed four people for $10, so make it a double date.

Play 36 Questions

Do this 36 questions to drop in love thing. It costs nothing, but might be incredibly fun. It will help you get to know one another better. 

Curl Up In The Library

Whether you’re a bookworms or have a good deal of work to do, go to the library and then hang together.


Galleries are free, and tons of museums are by-donation for entry. Holding hands, drifting from gallery to gallery — what can be more beautiful?

Role Play

Role playing can be fun. You and your spouse can pretend to be different people and then spontaneously meet somewhere. This can be fun to act as though you have never met before and to see where your roles take you.

Star Gaze

Bundle up with a blanket and then camp out on the roof or inside a park to check out the stars at night. In case you are a stargazing expert, you can impress your partner by pointing out Pleiades and other stars.


Play tennis, frisbee, basketball, do a little yoga, or simply go for a jog together. By playing a sport, you induce your internal aggressive soul, which is really fun on a date setting.


Even though it’s also a sort of exercise, a lengthy bike ride could be integrated into many different dates. It can also be a date by itself. You can bike across a bridge or bike a long a trail together.

Go To The Dollar Store

Visit the dollar store, go armed with $10 (or $5, or anything works), and purchase things for each other. Then exchange gifts, and see what your partner thinks you need.

Going on a date should be fun. The expensive dates are of course wonderful, but the simple inexpensive one’s can be very meaningful. These are the dates where you truly get to know your partner.


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