There is a lot of awareness for mental health these days. Studies show that depression and bipolar disorder comprise of a third of the hospitalizations in the U.S., which is why a high level of treatment and awareness is necessary.

So it should come to no surprise that there are mental health apps available. These apps can help individuals with mental health issues like depression and anxiety among other things. Below are some of the notable mental health apps that are available to download.


Happify helps conquer negative thoughts and stress and builds endurance. Whether you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed, Happify helps you stay in control of your own thoughts and feelings.

Happify utilizes techniques and evidence-based interventions in the fields of both CBT, positive psychology. This mindfulness will help you get rid of old and unhealthful routines and shape fresh, healthy habits.

The app offers games and activities to increase your own life satisfaction and capability to resist negativity. Your psychological well-being is calculated as a happiness score which you may improve upon every week.


Calm was created to decrease anxiety, enhance sleep, and enable you to feel happier.

It targets four important areas:

  • breathing
  • meditation
  • sleep
  • relaxation

its intention is to bring happiness, clarity, and peace to your everyday life. The app provides meditation exercises which may assist you to destress. In addition it helps you focus on breathing by providing songs, and sounds from nature to unwind your body and mind and promote better sleep.

Calm is the best app if you’re new to meditation. It also has programs for more sophisticated users.


Headspace uses meditation and mindfulness that will help you perform your very best every day.

Headspace can help you:

  • build healthy relationships
  • find a place of calm
  • Keep a healthy mind
  • decrease stress

Headspace has countless mindfulness and meditation sessions to encourage you. Furthermore, with Headspace it teaches you compassionate behavior toward other people in only 3 months.

Anxiety Relief Hypnosis

Anxiety Relief Hypnosis is an app suggested to help enhance comfort and decrease anxiety within 1–3 months.

The app’s programmers say that hypnosis can diminish anxiety and improve your reaction to comfort, which, in turn, resets your behavior and enables a better reaction to stress. The app provides an audio session with a certified hypnotherapist with calming music and sounds from nature to promote comfort.


Moodnotes is an idea journal and disposition journal. The app can help capture your emotions and better your thinking habits through the execution of CBT and positive psychology.

Track your mood and boost self-awareness of what affects it. Learn how to recognize”traps” of your thinking and methods to rethink the circumstance.

Moodnotes provides suggestions and useful views to decrease stress and improve well-being. Progress is viewable from the useful”Insights” dashboard.


Together with an extremely supportive community of like-minded people, it also gives a toolbox to take care of daily anxiety and stress,

Pacifica helps to split cycles of unhelpful thoughts, emotions, and behaviors through methods like CBT, mindfulness meditation, mood monitoring, and comfort.

The app enable you to deal with stress and depression, and it places daily challenges that will assist you to tackle anxiety and help reach your long term goals.


SuperBetter is an app focusing on raising resilience and the capability to stay powerful, optimistic, and inspired when presented with hard obstacles in existence.

The app helps you to adopt new habits, enhance your abilities, reinforce relationships, whole purposeful projects, and attain lifelong fantasies.

7 Cups

If you’re feeling lonely, unhappy,or stressed, 7 Cups might be the perfect app for you. It supplies online treatment and psychological support for anxiety and depression.

There are over 160,000 trained specialists listeners and accredited therapists that are accessible to anonymously talk with 24/7. You can discuss your thoughts and confide in listeners with no anxiety of being judged.


Talkspace is a counselling and treatment app that connects users with an easy, affordable, and confidential approach to manage anxiety, stress, depression, relationship difficulties, and chronic illness.

A free consultation is given with a Matching Agent to find the perfect therapist for your needs.

After becoming a member, access is given to a protected chat room where you can talk about your anxieties with your personal counselor. Talkspace is 80% cheaper than a conventional therapist.


Whether you’re facing a rough patch or have worries regarding your mental health, the app’s objective is to encourage you through the hard times and steer you out to the opposite side.

Moodpath asks daily questions to rate your well-being and look for indications of depression. The screening advancement intends to improve your awareness of your ideas, emotions, and feelings.

Following a period of two weeks, the app creates a digital document that can help you discuss with a health care professional.

As you can see mental health is taken very seriously these days. There is a lot of awareness and a lot of help you can receive if you suffer from mental health issures. These mental health apps allow those who suffer with a additional therapy at the touch of their phone or tablet. These apps are geared towards helping people with depression, anxiety, food disorders, and bipolar disorder to name a new.


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