These days, you don’t have to attend a brick and mortar institution to study in a psychology degree program. There are plenty of online bachelor programs in psychology that are well received in the industry. 

If you want to study psychology, but you don’t have the time to attend classes then you should consider online programs. Below you will find the top 5 online bachelor degree programs:

1. University Of Florida

According to the University of Florida, it has a high quality program that is very affordable. It has almost 20 specialties in the area of psychology. The schools online class costs are less than on campus classes. This helps makes it among the very best online psychology degree programs for students on a budget. University of Florida provides an online BA in psychology. Students leave the program prepared to work in their area of study or keep studying and move onto graduate programs in psychology, education, business, or law.

The psychology program boasts a faculty of specialists in five areas of research: social psychology, developmental psychology, cognitive and behavioral neuroscience, counselling psychology, and conduct analysis. The faculty grants students studying for a psychology degree online accessibility to exactly the same school and coursework as their on-campus peers.

The online psychology degree requires 120 credit hours of courses, 30 of which are psychology courses.

2. Northeastern University

Northeastern University provides over 50 online degrees. One of which is an online accredited psychology degree. All students, including distance students getting their BS in psychology, has to complete the university’s NUpath needs. This is a group of 10 general-education tests developed to make powerful, globally-minded students. The competencies include writing across genres and audiences, analyzing and utilizing information, and translating culture. While students need to meet all intricacies, some courses rely on multiple competencies.

Students complete 31 credits of big in regions such as the social sciences, math, information technology, biology, and management. The online degree in psychology requires 21 credits in the major and 120 credits complete.

3. University Of Memphis

The University of Memphis Global provides over 60 online degrees, including an online degree in psychology. 

The online psychology degree requires 120 credits: 35 credits are in psychology. Students majoring in psychology must require a minimum of one class from each of these regions: both the cognitive and neuroscience basis of behavior; programs of behavior; and the societal and developmental foundation of behavior.

The college comprises two alternative level pathways – a Prior Learning Assessment plus a End Line Program – which assist in helping students earn their diploma.

4. LeTourneau University

LeTourneau University (LETU) provides many online classes, such as an online bachelor’s degree in psychology. The program comes with a fast course format which enables distance students to get their diploma fast. The online psychology degree allows students to enter professions in psychology, social work, counseling, Christian education, and ministry. The program prepares students for graduate programs in psychology, counselling, and family treatment.

5. University Of North Dakota

Grand Forks is home to the University of North Dakota. They provide over 50 online degrees. Online learners at University of North Dakota pay the exact same tuition fee as in-state students, which makes the college’s online BA/BS in psychology among the least expensive online psychology degrees out there. Distance students can start their program in the Fall, Spring, or Summer. The online psychology degree is made of exclusively online coursework.

There are a lot of schools with online psychology degrees and programs. If you are interested in studying psychology, do a google search with names of courses you are interested in. The above 5 programs are some of the most notable programs in psychology in the United States. If you graduate from one of them a potential employer will happily look at your resume. 


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