Are you in the market for a new cell phone? Your probably think that the best place to buy your next cell phone is your phone provider. Boy, are you wrong! Your phone provider will most definitely not provide you with the best possible deal on a new cell phone. They will probably charge you more than any other place.

Rather than heading into your cell phone provider to purchase your next cell phone, here are some other places you should check out for a good deal.

The first thing you need to do is decide which features you want on a cell phone. Once you have noted that down, you need to start researching phones. Look to see which phones have the features that are on your list. This will help you narrow down the choices. There are a lot of cell phones on the market, so these steps are very important.

Once you have narrowed your choices down, you can now start shopping around for your new cell phone. Finding the ideal place to purchase a new phone is rather straightforward. Here are the places you should shop around for your new cell phone.


Start your search on Amazon. Prime Members can save a lot here. When comparing prices between Best Buy, Costco, Sam’s Club and Amazon you will be surprised to know that Amazon offers the lowest price.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you absolutely need to have a look at your phone choices on Amazon. But, even non-prime members receive amazing deals.

Once you check out Amazon, you can examine other online retailers on the internet. You’ll be able to compare numerous choices from nearly everywhere including your existing cell phone service provider.


If you are not using Rakuten (previously Ebates) to earn free money back, you should register immediately.

As a special incentive to register for Rakuten, they offer you a $10 welcome bonus for utilizing Rakuten to create a $25 buy within 90 days of being a member.

The Rakuten browser expansion will alert you if you are on a site where creating a purchase could make you money back. Just click on the trigger button until you check out to be eligible for making money back.

If you’re able to earn 5% cash back to a $600 phone, that is a $30 savings just for using a browser extension installed and clicking a trigger cashback connection.

After setting up Rakuten and the browser extension, start checking the costs of phones from internet retailers.


You cannot shop for a new cell phone without looking at Ebay. Lots of times you can find amazing deals on Ebay. Or you can create your own amazing deal through the bidding process.

Also,  when a phone releases a new model, the old ones go down in price. You will definitely find this from sellers on Ebay. You may find a $400 phone for a quarter of the price.

Brick And Mortar Stores

Don’t forget to also check out brick and mortar electronic stores. Stores like Circuit City and Best Buy often have amazing deals on phones. They also have rebates that you cannot find from online retailers.

Most likely you will find the best price for a phone on Amazon or Ebay. Those should be your go to destinations for a new phone. However, don’t limit yourself to those two retailers. You never know with a little bit of homework you may get an even better deal somewhere else.


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