It seems like every other car on the road these days is an electric car. It might have you thinking if an electric car is right for you. Should it be your next vehicle? The technology for electric cars have drastically improved . 

Many car manufacturers have committed to converting their entire line of cars to electric cars in the near future.  They have concentrating on improving the cost, limited range, performance issues, long charge time, and lack charging stations.

Lets see what other advantages there are of electric cars versus gas cars:

Electric Cars Cost Less Than Gas Vehicles

It may seem hard to believe, but electric cars are becoming more pocket friendly compared to gas cars. Tesla has made it a point to offer an affordable version of their electric vehicle as well. Of course with electric cars price being lower than gas cars, the obvious choice is to go electric. Going electric will not only save you money initially, but it will save you money in the long run as well. 

Electric cars will save you overall because it will save you money on:

  • Gas
  • Oil changes
  • Smog test
  • Less parts to break or wear out

Electric Cars Are Better For The Air We Breathe

With electric cars, there will be no more breathing in the gross air that gas cars give out. Because of this, you can look forward to cleaner air. Cleaner air effects the world greatly. With cleaner air we can expect:

  • Less disease in the world
  • Fewer greenhouse gas emissions
  • Better for the ozone layer
  • Reduce our carbon footprint
  • Slow down global warming

Skip The Gas Station

Nobody likes having to go to the gas station after a long day of work or early in the morning. It takes up time and it costs a lot of money to fill up the tank. With electric cars all you have to do is remember to plug your car in when you get home at night. 

The Future Of Transportation

Electric cars are the future of transportation. Gas cars are realistically on the way out. With so many environmental activists, we are becoming more cautious on what we put into the earth. Because of this, electric cars are the future. Driving an electric car makes you one of the coolest people on the block. 

 Low Maintenance Requirements

Electric cars are less intricate then gas cars. There are not many parts to break and not many parts that may need fixing. Because of the low maintenance, you can save money overtime. You will not have to worry about:

  • Oil changes
  • Failed transmissions
  • Renting a car while your car is in the shop

Of course you will still have to maintain some things like:

  • Brakes
  • Changing your battery

Quiet Inside And Outside

Have you ever been in an electric car while it is driving? You will be surprised that electric cars virtually make zero noise when it is driving. Even when you press the accelerator to when you press the brake, you will not hear a single noise of an engine. You can take the car to the beach and leave it on and still hear the waves crashing. That is how quiet electric cars are. 

The Government Will Pay You To Drive One

You read right. You can get paid for driving an electric vehicle in certain states. You may be eligible for a significant rebate or tax credit just for driving an electric car. This tax credit is approximately $7500. Some states offer a bit more. Additionally, you can receive a 30% tax credit for purchasing and installing a home charging system. 

Enjoy Privileges Other Drivers Do Not

Electric cars get a lot of preferential treatment. Sounds pretty awesome right? Some of the privileges include:

  • Free public charging
  • Pass other cars in high-occupancy lanes
  • Parking spots located near the entrance to stores

Final thought

Gas cars are a thing of the past. Electric cars are definitely the future of transportation. The advantages of purchasing an electric car far outweigh any negative that you will find through your research. So what is stopping you from riding into the future with an electric car? 




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