You might be looking to make some quick cash or you are looking to make a more solid income, with the internet you have the opportunity to do either. It is not that hard to make money on the internet, you just have to be a bit tech savvy and dedicated.

This doesn’t mean that you need to start a blog to earn money online. There are other opportunities, which we will speak about. If you are looking for an income that will be your main source of income then you should aim towards eventually starting a blog.

Below are 7 ways you can earn money on the internet:

1. Participate In Surveys

Online surveys are a great way to earn an extra income online. You of course cannot quite your day job and rely on participating surveys for a living.

A lot of companies need input from consumers so that they can best figure out how to market their products. Also, this helps them figure out if they should make any changes to their products. Online surveys help them figure out this information.

All you have to do is look for paid surveys online. They are usually pretty lengthy so you need to set aside a decent amount of time to finish them.

Make sure that before you start the company is clear regarding their payment process.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a wonderful way to make commission promoting other companies products.

Companies will provide you with a tracking link or an affiliate link and all you have to do is promote their product on the internet. You can do this through a blog, website or your social media accounts.

Every time you make a sale, you will receive commission from the sale. After selling the product for awhile, you will have a customer base. You can generate more sales from this customer base.

3. Become A Virtual Assistant

Are you organized? Can you set reminders for people? A virtual assistant might be a good online side hustle for you.

Successful social media influencers have a lot on their places. They have to set schedules, create content, write emails, edit images and so much more. They are in need of virtual assistants to help out with all of these tasks.

You can work from the comfort of your own home and also learn the ropes of becoming a social media influencer in the process.

4. Sell On Etsy

Etsy is a great site where artists create work of art, jewelry, clothing and lots of other things to sell. You can open up an etsy store and sell your works of art.

Etsy is the perfect place to sell homemade products at an affordable price. If you are artsy or crafty you should look into opening up an Etsy marketplace. Lots of people use Etsy as their starter store before they open up a brick and mortar shop.

Opening up an Etsy shop is easy. All you have to do is take great photos of your products, set prices and write descriptions. There are of course some other technicalities with Etsy that you will have to fill out, but those are just minor.

You can then market your products to friends and your social media accounts.

5. Start A Blog

Writing a blog takes a lot of work, but it is a great way to make money. You initially will not be able to make this your full time money earner. However, over time if your blog become successful you will be able make this into a full time gig.

There are three approaches you can take to starting a blog:

  • Write about something you are passionate about
  • Go after a niche market
  • Become an expert on a subject ( i.e. kellymom)

Once your blog takes off, you can start selling advertising space or you can become an affiliate marketer.

The main thing to focus on is the quality of content you put on your site. This will drive traffic to your site and keep this traffic coming back for more.

6. Become A Freelancer

Do you like writing? Are you an expert at graphic design Or do you have excellent video editing skills? If you do, you can explore becoming a freelancer.

You can look for freelance gigs online. There are sites that post these opportunities. You may  not get a ton of opportunities at first. However, as your portfolio and reputation builds you will get more and more jobs. You can then start charging more for your services. You may also be able to quit your day job.

7. Start A YouTube Channel

Youtube is a great video platform. Some people prefer being in front of the camera to talk about their experiences rather than blogging. You can definitely start earning money on youtube with some time and creativity put into your videos.

You can choose to talk about anything. Lots of youtubers tape their reviews for products. This helps them earn money. The more followers you get on youtube the better. Companies seek out youtubers who have a lot of followers to review their products. You can make money this way. You can also make money by placing ads on your videos from companies that are sponsoring you.

Youtube is an excellent way to earn money. Actually, many successful youtubers make millions of dollars.

Start Making An Online Income Today

The internet has many opportunities to make money. Above you have 7 great opportunities to make extra money. Over time some of these opportunities can help you earn a full time income from your internet hustle. Figure out what interests you and start making an online income today.




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