Social workers are professionals who are committed to helping others with lots of different types of issues. They are an important profession that helps make a positive difference in the world. Social work provides real benefits and challenges for people who pursue this profession. Here are five important reasons to think about a career as a social worker.

1. Lots Of Opportunities

Healthcare social workers are in particularly large demand. There has been a 27% growth in job opportunities between 2012 and 2020 for social work. Greater demand can occasionally translate into better salaries for qualified applicants, particularly in large metropolitan regions. Students interested in pursuing this career path can frequently raise their employment opportunities and wages by acquiring a master’s degree in social work. Also, getting certified as a therapist in their own state also increases their salary.

2. A Feeling Of Accomplishment

By working with clients to solve significant problems in their lives, social workers may have a positive effect not just on the people they serve but also on the community. This can offer a true sense of achievement and pride for people who devote their lives for a worthy cause. Social work managers rank seventh in the category of most meaningful jobs overall. Pursuing this career might offer additional job satisfaction and a feeling of purpose for social workers while enabling them to do the best for their clients and their communities.

3. An Assortment Of Job Choices

There are many area’s of social work that you can consider for your specific line of work. You can work with children in foster homes, you can work with setting young adults back on the right path or you can work with adults who are looking to change their lives around. There is no end of the possibilities of social work.

4. Family, School And Child Care Social Workers

Many people want to work in family, school and child social work. In order to do so, you need to earn a bachelors level degree. You also need to specialize in this area of social work. It is an area in high demand and employers want to make sure that they have the right type of person to handle these sensitive cases.

5. More Independence

Most social workers function with relative autonomy in handling clients and providing services for households and people. Clinical social workers can also open their own clinics, letting them enjoy control over their office hours, their clients and the surroundings where they work. In political and educational positions, social workers generally appreciate a lot of flexibility in establishing their schedules and might spend a lot of their time away from the office in meetings with clients. This extra step of freedom may be an important benefit for working parents and those who need a more flexible program to handle personal obligations.

We just gave you 5 reasons as to why you should consider social work as a future career. It is a great rewarding field of work that provides many benefits.


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