Much like any other insurance coverage, pet insurance offers you financial aid when you face unexpected medical expenses for your pet. Unless you have insurance or thousands of dollars set aside, you may find yourself not able to pay for medical treatment if your pet gets sick. If you’re like many people who think of their dogs and cats as part of their household, you want to make sure that your pet receives top notch care in case of a medical emergency. To help pay for  top notch care for your pet you can benefit from pet insurance. After all, you most likely have coverage for your own health care, home, car and valuable items. So it is natural to have insurance for your pet. 

Here are the 6 best pet insurance options for 2020:

Pet Assure

Pet Assure provides insurance for dogs and other types of pets. There is no yearly limit to the coverage because it is a cost reduction type of coverage. To get the 25% cost reduction in care, all you have to do is use a provider in Pet Assure’s in network vet services. If you are not sure about getting pet insurance, this is a great alternative.


Nationwide is one of the biggest insurance companies in the United States. Naturally, being one of the biggest insurance companies it also provides insurance for pets. Nationwide allows you to visit any vet in the United States. They have plans for all types of pets including exotic pets and a plan just for birds.

Figo Pet

Figo Pet Insurance has comprehensive pet coverage for cats and dogs. There is no copay or deductible. You can also visit any licensed veterinarian of your choice.

Healthful Paw

Healthful Paw offers unlimited life benefits as soon as you pay your deductible. You can visit any vet in the U.S.A. Filed claims are usually paid within 3-10 business days. There are some pre-existing conditions that Healthful does not cover. It also does not cover spaying/neutering, preventative health care, flea management, and dental health.


Embrace pet insurance is among the pricier options for pet insurance. The company does provide comprehensive insurance for cats and dogs. You can find coverage for:

  • breed breed-specific
  • hereditary and congenital conditions
  • cancer therapy
  • examination fees
  • ER and expert care
  • diagnostic testing
  • hospitalization and surgery
  • prosthetic limbs
  • mobility assistance
  • dental illness
  • medication coverage

There are obviously some exceptions to the coverage.


Petplan does not discriminate based on a dog or cats age. They also insure pets even if they have hereditary conditions. Petplan offers coverage throughout the entire continental United States. Conventional coverage includes:

  • assessments
  • injury or injury
  • operation
  • x-rays
  • preventative treatment
  • prescriptions
  • cancer care
  • dental therapies

The amount insurance pays is dependent on the plan that you pick.

If you’re not sure which provider is the right one, read reviews and request recommendations from family and friends. If you have a regular vet, find out which insurance programs your vet accepts so that you can keep on seeing that veterinarian. But most of all, you need to get quotes from a couple of insurance providers before making a decision on which insurance to choose. Make sure that the price quotes tackle the monthly payment, deductible, and exactly what is included in the coverage.


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