Picking the right mattress is very important. It can change your quality of life. Waking up on the right mattress can change your mood, improve your health, provide you with great comfort and so much more.

Finding the right mattress that will do all of those things and more is a difficult task. There are so many things to consider and options available. Plus, mattresses are not cheap so you need to do your homework before you choose your investment piece.

Here are the steps you need to take to choose the right mattress. The basic idea is that you have to compare mattresses. So what are some things you need to compare you ask? Here is a few ideas.

  1. Quality of materials
  2. Level of support/firmness
  3. Expected durability
  4. Budget
  5. Mattress size

There are various types of mattresses available these days and each has its advantages and drawbacks. It is mostly personal opinion that will help you pick your mattress; however, make sure to pay attention to the materials that are being used in the mattresses when deciding which one to go with. Here are some of the different types of mattresses:

  • Innerspring Mattress – This is the most popular mattress and it provides the most support
  • Memory Foam Mattress – This type of mattress hugs and contours your body. It is viscoelastic, which reacts to pressure and heat and allows to adjust to a persons body.
  • Natural Latex Mattress – This is the most durable of all the mattress types. They are made of chemical free materials.
  • Hybrid Mattress – This is made from different types of combined materials to make two ore more support systems. It can be made from memory foam and innerspring systems.

Of course you have to be cautious of your budget when shopping for a mattress. Quality mattresses are not cheap, but they will last a long time. You can of course find cheap mattresses, but they will not last and the material it is made from is probably not great.

Also, make sure you pick the right mattress size. There are six mattress sizes to pick from.

  • Twin – smallest mattress
  • Twin XL – 6 inches longer than a regular twin
  • Full – A bit larger than a twin width wise
  • Queen – This is the most popular size mattress and great for couples
  • King – The king mattress is the largest mattress.
  • California King – The California King is narrower than a King, but longer than a king.

A mattress can make such a huge difference in your overall quality of life. A good mattress can support your body properly and provide comfort for a long time. You are now equipped with the basic knowledge on how to shop for a mattress, so go out and check out some mattresses and see what is best for you.


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