Need to make some fast cash? Your ticket to some fast cash may be right outside your door. If you have a car sitting outside your home that you no longer use, you maybe sitting on additional income. This biggest mistake you can make when having an old car is trading it into a dealership without considering other options. In order to maximize your profits, you should look into alternate ways to make money off of your old beater car.

Consider these options on how to make more money off of your old beater car:

Provide Additional Documentation

Provide any extra material you have of the car to the buyer. If you have original paperwork, user manual or maintenance documentsĀ  you can ask a bit more for your car. Buyers would love to have these car documents. This helps the buyer understand what condition the car is in.

Do Not Update Your Car

I you are looking to sell your car, do not update it. Do not replace aesthetic parts or paint it. The car only needs to be able to start, operate, drive and pass the state safety inspection. Concentrate on the absolute necessities to be able to sell the car. No reason to make it look all fancy to sell it.

Create An Honest Advertisement

If you are privately selling your car, then be honest with your ad. Make sure to note if something is broken. Also, take good high-quality images of your vehicle. Take pictures from many angles. Make sure to include pictures of the exterior and interior of your car. This will help your car stand out in car sales ads.

Dismantling The Car For Parts

In case you or someone near you is knowledgeable and handy with cars — you might choose to dismantle key parts of the car. Car parts are very valuable. Car enthusiasts and hobbyists are always on the lookout for car parts. You can sell these parts on websites like like “Only Parts and Parting Out” — online marketplaces for selling and buying.

Take Your Car To A Specialist For Parts.

There are significant environmental and security issues involved in dismantling the motor and other parts of a car. If you do not have the tools or training to dismantle the car — or you are simply concerned about safety — you can still sell your car for parts. Pull-A-Part is a company that hire to dismantle your car and they will also purchase cars for parts.

Sell The Remainder For Scrap Metal

After you have sold off the important parts of the car. What next? You can now sell your car for scrap metal. The places that purchase scrap metal will personally come and take the piecesĀ  of your car off your hands.

Sell Your Old Car

Many people make a career out of buying older cars for at low prices and reselling them for higher prices. You can try to do this with your beater car.

Whatever you decide, you have fast cash sitting on your driveway. Figure out what method to make that cash is best for you.


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