With the start of the new year, comes a new list of travel destinations. Every wander luster is thinking where to travel to? We have put together a list of the top travel destinations for 2020. We have done the research for you in our yearly round-up. Some factors that were considered were local currency, budget, airline routes, value for money, plus much more. Here are the 5 finest budget travel destinations for 2020!

Thrifty suggestion : Though these destinations are inexpensive, flights are normally the biggest cost of any vacation. Cut your costs by simply registering for some travel rewards credit card with a huge points bonus.

1. Sri Lanka

This island country is full of surprises, from wildlife safaris and mountain climbing, to glistening shores and eclectically colored temples. Do not leave here without enjoying the national eats, such as crispy samosas and tongue-tingling curries. While not as inexpensive as neighboring India, your dollars will still stretch here, with much less tourists also.

2. Iceland

Though not inexpensive by default, if there was a year to visit Iceland, this is the year. The Icelandic Krona has fallen 6% from the Euro and is continuously dropping. Apart from being among one best areas to observe the Northern Lights, Iceland has volcanoes, glaciers, and lengthy, open streets to be to wander.

3. Egypt

Towering pyramids, mythical sphinxes, and historical tombs abound — Egypt is a globetrotters’ fantasies. Even better, many of its spectacular historical sites cost only a few dollars for entrance. Whether you fancy seeing a neon sunset across the pyramids, or bobbing peacefully down the Nile from the afternoon warmth, this thrifty hot spot is guaranteed to please.

4. Argentina

In the rocky landscapes of Patagonia into the rainbow colors of Buenos Aires’ structure, Argentina scrapes nearly every traveling itch. Apart from urban landscapes, the natural scenery there’s a number of  impressive world landmarks to be seen. Neon blue glaciers, endless snow-capped mountains, along with staggeringly bare landscapes all await.

5. Nepal

The cap of the planet has more than just mountains to view. Nepal is home to verdant green areas, temperate lakes, bustling cities, and exotic wildlife. As soon as you have had your fill of high-latitude trekking, go on  a safari to view wild rhinos, elephants, tigers, and much more in Chitwan. Nepal is among the cheapest destinations within this listing. It is far, but for those who make the trip they will not regret it.  

These five destination will not disappoint you in 2020. Start researching which one’s you want to visit and begin planning your trip!


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