Buying a bike can be tricky. There are lots of things you should consider when purchasing a bike. That is where a neighborhood bike shop may be the ideal place to get started!

Buy From A Neighborhood Bicycle Shop

In a bike shop, you will also find friendly and helpful information to make the ideal buy — the ideal bike, the ideal dimensions, along with the essential accessories to create each bike ride more enjoyable and pleasurable.

What Is The Purpose Of Your Bike?

What is the purpose of your bike? Do you want a bike to ride on public streets and roads, or do you need one for dedicated bike trails? There are bikes that handle all of these situations well, which means you will want to decide on the proper manner of bike to match your needs. Here are some things to think about when buying a bike.

  • Are you competing in bike races?
  • Will you be riding long distances?
  • Is this for personal enjoyment?
  • Will you have a lot of gear to carry?
  • Are you riding a bike everyday? or a few times a week?
  • Are you updating from an older bike? If so, what would you enjoy about your previous bike, and what’s more, what DON’T you enjoy about it?

You do not need to understand precisely what kind of bike you need before entering the bike shop. However, by thinking about these questions, you are going to make it simple to steer you to the bike that is right for you.

Test-Ride At Least 2 Or Three Different Versions.

After you answer all of those questions, it is time for you to check out the bikes! Your local store will be able to propose bikes based on the answers to your questions. They will also take your measurements and fit and suggest bikes accordingly.

You should then test drive the bikes. That’s right, test drive! How else will you know if the seat is comfortable. Or if all of the features you want in a bike are there. 

If you test drive a bike and do not like it, its ok. There is no obligation from the bike store for you to purchase it. They want to keep your business and find you the right bike rather than charge you unnecessarily.

You should also make sure that you wear your biking clothes when you test drive the bikes. This will give you a true feeling of how the bike will feel.

Do Not Overlook The Vital Accessories

Bikes are expensive, that is why it can get a bit overwhelming when thinking about the add-on accessories. In most cases, the bike store will provide a kickstand and water bottle holder free of charge. You will have to look in to purchasing a helmet and other safety essentials.

Many people like to know just how far, and perhaps how quickly, they are riding–that is exactly what a cyclocomputer lets you know. If you are going to be carrying camping equipment, groceries, or just about anything in your bike, you’re going to want freight racks and luggage or baskets to set your items in. If you are going to be riding in every sort of weather, then you may want to consider fenders.

Many bike shops offer great deals if you purchase the bike, warranty and add-on’s all at the same time. So your initial investment may seem to empty your pocket; however, in the long run you will see that it in fact saves you money.


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