Visiting Costa Rica is a once in a lifetime vacation, which is why staying within your budget planning your vacation isn’t the simplest thing to do! You of course want to experience everything on your bucket list, but you need to stay within your budget. This is something we see on a daily basis, therefore we have compiled a listing of the top ways to save money on your Costa Rica vacation. By using these ideas you will be able to maximize your dollar and enjoy your vacation.


Among the most effective ways to save money on your Costa Rica vacation is to optimize your travel. Along with saving time, planning your destinations in logistical arrangement will save you money on transportation. It is best to plan your travel so that you are not jumping all over the place. Look on the map and plan out your travel in sequence of destinations. This will help keep your travel costs down.


Optimizing logistics is not confined to transport though; you could also maximize your hotels according to travel dates, promotions and sales. For instance, if your itinerary spans the end of November and beginning of December, you should pay attention to hotel pricing fluctuations. You can also find a low season purchase for deals and promotions for example 4 nights for the cost  1 plus added promos like dinner or spa credits.

Select Your Destinations And Activities Wisely

When planning your actions, you also need to start looking for free round trip transportation from the hotels to your destination/activity. This will help you save on renting a vehicle and gas. Also, ask your hotel for deals on activities. You should check out the local scene. Things will be fairly inexpensive there.

Stay At A Hotel That Has A Hot Spring

Many people to Costa Rica wish to devote some time in the hot springs. Many hotels in the Arenal Volcano area offer their guests free access for their own hot springs. When comparing prices and conveniences, these hotels often cost the same as similar hotels that don’t offer you hot springs. Staying at a hotel with hot springs can save you money.


You will save a great deal of money over the span of your trip by dining at little regional restaurants (called sodas) versus eating foods in luxury resort restaurants. If you are looking into an all-inclusive hotel, make sure that it is worth it. Check the menu and the actual cost. Sometimes these all-inclusive hotels cost more than just eating out at restaurants and exploring the local cuisine.

Mark Ups

Some things cost considerably more in Costa Rica and sunscreen and insect repellent are on the top of the list. Bring a small bottle of each because they could cost around $25 each in Costa Rica.

There are lots of ways to save money and maximize your own vacation, so ask your trip adviser for ideas. You can also search online about food, accommodations, travel and activities for Costa Rica and see how you can save.


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