Picking the right type of SUV is difficult for anyone. For seniors its especially challenging. They want an SUV that helps them remain comfortable and secure behind the wheel. They also want something that will endure the test of time. 

For many senior citizens, the very best vehicle option is to get a SUV since that offers a number of contemporary security and entertainment features that are extremely beneficial for elderly drivers. There are 5 SUVs  that have good features and are extremely popular with seniors. 

Acura RDX

The RDX comes standard with an extremely impressive entertainment system which can be linked to Apple CarPlay and Siri Eyes Free. This offers a senior the capability to easily have navigation, music entertainment, and other features while keeping their eyes on the road.

Among the primary features that comes standard with RDX trimming levels is the AcuraWatch, which helps make the Acura safer and simpler for seniors to drive. It provides  lots of warnings, adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, lane maintain assist, and street departure mitigation. These safety features, if combined with the standard rear view camera, offers seniors with the extra safety features they have to feel secure behind the wheel.

Subaru Forester

Another SUV that offers many fantastic features for senior citizens is the Subaru Forester. This SUV starts at under $25,000. It provides a number of security and reliability features and updates that make it a fantastic driving choice. The Forester includes a user friendly touchscreen, which has a great navigation and entertainment system.

The Forester has a number of upgrade options such as the Subaru Driver Focus that informs a senior if they’re starting to drive. The car also has blind spot monitoring, back  and front crash warning detectors for a bit more money.

Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlander is among the most well-known SUVs on the road at the moment. It  is also a favorite option with senior citizens. The Highlander begins at about $32,000 and comes standard with upgraded features. Among the primary standard features included with the Highlander is the Entune system. This system includes a bigger eight-inch display which is simple for almost any senior to control and see. It also includes the navigation system.

Honda Pilot

When a senior is searching for a brand new SUV, another popular choice is the Honda Pilot. There are many built-in technology safety features that are perfect for seniors such as the standard forward collision warning, automated emergency braking, as well as lane-keep assist. These features may be utilized to aid a senior driver drive and in emergency driving situations.

Ford Escape

Among the best features of the Escape is the safety features that comes standard. The Escape will offer a user with many different standard features such as automatic wipers, blind spot monitoring, and collision warnings. This makes it safer for a senior to drive. The Escape also offers a simple touchscreen display which allows you to control the sound, navigation, and entertainment program.

These five SUV choices are the best choices for seniors. You really can’t go wrong with investing in any one of them!


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