The start of the New Year brings in a lot of new gym enthusiasts with New Years resolutions of starting the year off exercising and healthy. This is the number one new years resolution people make. Unfortunately, less than half of Americans who begin the year with health-conscious resolutions really achieve them.

Because of this, if exercise is a priority for you, you will want to find something which motivates you beyond Jan. 31 and inspires a more permanent lifestyle.

Knowing the advantages of exercise can help — and these advantages are not necessarily just physical, exercising may also help you financially.

Benefiting The Entire Body

A lot of people associate exercise exclusively with weight management. But frequently hitting the gym is essential to your general health. With exercising you can help keep chronic illnesses at bay. Those with diabetes or autoimmune disease are recommended to stay active by their physicians.

Among the most popular psychological advantages of exercising is having the ability to handle stress. That is because as you workout, nor epinephrine is produced by your central nervous system and it moderates the mind’s reaction to stress. Your mind also releases endorphins if you work up a sweat. That compound is responsible for generating feelings of euphoria and happiness.

Benefiting The Pocket

You maybe wondering how exercising will benefit your pocket? Those who are physically fit get sick less frequently and suffer less from chronic illnesses. Well, people who are physically active save about $500 on health care costs a year! 

Research shows that saving money drives people to do some crazy things. So its not too crazy that saving $500 yearly will drive an individual to a healthier lifestyle.

There are even Apps that focus on money and health. One of the popular ones is Pact, a  program that pays money to users who achieve their fitness or healthy eating goals. Those who use the app have a 92% success rate. . Other popular apps that pay out money for exercise are Healthy Wage and DietBet.

Health insurance companies also have started offering monetary incentives for exercising. Last year Priority Health introduced a new app known as Exercise Rewards, in which members that log their workouts can earn around $120 yearly.

There are a ton of benefits to exercising. With these app programs and bank incentive programs you can make some money in the process of getting healthy. So next time you are debating whether you should head to the gym, think about how it would feel to have a bit of extra cash in your pocket and .


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