Arranging a family vacation can be a fun and and create anxiety. In the end, you will have to figure out a vacation that your entire family can agree on and of course stay within budget. Cruises are a great cheap family vacation that everyone loves. 

Below are a few of the reasons cruising is a wise idea for families with kids. In addition to a couple of strategies to cut down the price even more.

Kids Are Free! (Sometimes)

Many cruise lines, such as Norwegian and Royal Caribbean, provide a “kids sail free” promotions which may result in huge savings. Additionally, MSC Cruises — that provides insanely inexpensive cruises worldwide and Caribbean cruises from Miami, Florida — allows kids cruise free on select itineraries annually.

Remember that you will still need to pay fees and taxes for kids who”cruise free,” and those generally amount to a couple hundred bucks.

Score Accommodation, Food, And Entertainment For A Low Cost

Not only is the accommodation included, but you are going to have access to around-the-clock amusement and an infinite selection of food that is on board. This is all included in the price you paid for your cruise ticket. In the end, not having to cover the majority of your family’s meals may free up holiday funds to invest on other facets of your family holiday.

Free Babysitting

Cruise ships provide lots of fun for travelers of all ages. In addition they offer parents of young children free babysitting. Now this is great for parents. They are able to go have dinner dates or attend some of the more adult activities. You don’t have to feel bad about leaving your child. The babysitting kids club has amazing playrooms, organized crafts and activities, and other kids to make new friends.

Visit A Number Of Destinations

There is no other type of travel that allows you to see several destinations over the period of a week, without having to drive or fly yourself to every place. One big advantage of cruising is that  you are able to pick an itinerary which takes you to a number of distinct destinations. Even better, the purchase price of visiting all these places is included in your cruise fare.

Drive To The Cruise Port Rather Than Flying

Since cruise ports are sprinkled all round the coasts, it is possible to drive to a cruise port and not incur the expense of airfare. You may easily save around $400 per individual (or more) on airfare this way. Although you will need to pay to park your vehicle while you are away. Or better yet, just Uber to the port!


If you are eager to cruise with a particular cruise line, you should register to receive their newsletter so that you are able to learn first about special promotions and bargains. Along with kids cruise free offers, it is common to see promotions for free beverage packs, free on board online access, on board credits, along with other specific cruise discounts.


It’s suggested to reserve close to a year prior to your departure date in order to find the lowest pricing along with also the maximum perks. Also, this helps find the exact cabin room you want.

Then again, you may even save large if you reserve your cruise at the last moment. For instance, supplies a 90-day ticket which has unsold cruise cabins at around 82% off from the retail cost.

Pay For Your Cruise Using A Travel Rewards Credit Card

Remember using a travel credit card is a smart idea to help decrease your out-of-pocket cruise prices. Not only are you able to get a travel credit card which doles out rewards to pay for your own cruise at its entirety (or a part of your cruise),you might also be able to use travel rewards to get a rental car for the cruise port, airfare, and travel incidentals.

Cruises are a great way to save money, but still have fun on a family vacation. If you are in the market for a vacation,  you should definitely consider a cruise. 


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