Dental implants are becoming popular for many reasons. They are great for replacing teeth or if you just want a better smile. Getting implants is not a simple thing. It is an invasive surgery with a long healing process.

First of all, lets understand what a dental implant is. The simple answer is that it is a fake tooth. A fake dental implant tooth has a root in the form of a screw. This base will be put into the jaw bone. Then a second surgery is performed where the metal implant is put in. Taking care of a dental implant is done the same way as your real teeth. You must brush and floss just like before. One of the advantages of dental implants is that you don’t have to worry about cavities.

As technology improves, dental implants are become more and more popular. There are four areas of innovation with dental implants that are important to understand before deciding to get a dental implant.

New Technology

3D Printing

3D Printing is a cost-effective method to duplicate a patient’s teeth. The implant is not made of ceramic or metal, but it will still last awhile as long as they are cared for properly.


A robot performing your dental implant? What? Sounds crazy right! Neocis is an American company that has developed a robotic dentist that assists during implant surgery. The robots name is Yomi. Yomi has received FDA approval to assist in dental surgeries. Yomi cannot perform the surgeries by itself; however, it does send physical and audio cues for the surgery.


Nanotechnology is being able to control molecules and atoms individually. For implants this is beneficial because implanting nanotechnology into the mouth prevents and decreases the chance of infection. Usually, this is implanted during the last surgery. This nanoparticles provide a smoother surface, which is great because bacteria likes to link to rough patches.

Types Of Implants

Mini Implants

Mini Implants are considered more affordable because they are smaller. Also, the process is less invasive. Mini implants help create a natural feeling inside the mouth for patients that do not need bone grafting.

All On Four

All on Four is very similar to Mini Implants. The main difference is that it is a more secure implant. It is a large metal implant, but still small and comfortable for the patient. All on Four is when four metal implants are put into the back of the jaw deeper than regular implants. This gives better structure and less required support during bone grafting. After the four implants are in place, the teeth can be put in. The patient is all done with the procedure at this point.

Dental Bridge

Dental Bridges are for multiple missing teeth. The bridge is made up of 2 or more crowns and a replacement tooth. The crowns are attached to the natural teeth. This is the bridge for the replacement tooth. Then using the bridge the replacement tooth is put in. This procedure is wonderful for people who have a single tooth missing.

Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures is exactly what it sounds like. They are dentures that are permanent. You don’t have to worry about adhesives or food getting stuck. The orthodontic surgeon will put screws into your jawbone as anchors. Then the dentures click down onto the screws. This is how the dentures stay in place. Implant supported dentures fill out the face and give an individual a more natural look.

Dental implants are revolutionizing the practice of orthodontics. It is also enhancing people’s smiles. With the help of all of this technology, the days of living with a missing tooth are gone. There are many options to look at when considering a dental implants. Speak to your orthodontist to get more information.


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