Are you traveling on economy class on an airplane soon? You probably wish that your economy ticket could magically turn into a first class ticket. Unfortunately, it can’t.  Unless you fork over money for a first class ticket, which you probably can’t afford.Economy class is not that bad. You can spruce things up for it to feel like you are on first class.

Economy class feels different from airline to airline. You need to do some research ahead of time to figure out which airlines provide a more comfortable economy class with the best service.

A fantastic place to begin would be SeatGuru, which lets you compare seat pitch and width, in addition to whether or not there’s WiFi and power outlets. Even after doing this research, there are lots of things you can personally do to make your economy travel feel like first class. Here are some tips on how you can make your economy class travel feel like first class.

1. Take A Fantastic Travel Pillow

A top notch travel pillow could make all of the difference when it comes to sleeping nicely on the plane. Ditch the free cushions which you get on long-haul flights; those are horizontal, thin and slide behind your head the moment you fall asleep. Start looking for a travel pillow — these provide great neck support on the move.

2. Move Seats

Constantly be on the look out for free seats — sometimes entire rows are vacant on the flight and let us face it, three chairs are much better than one. You’ll have the ability to lift the armrest and possibly lie down throughout a complete row.

3. Snacks

If you don’t like airplane food, then stop by the grocery store before your trip. You can pick snacks of your choice to take on your trip. The airline will provide you with beverages. All you have to do is bring the food!

4. Invest In Great Headphones Or Earplugs

Whether it’s a crying infant, a chatty neighbor or the sound of the motor – loud noises can ruin the a peaceful flight. Make sure you are ready for these situations. Bring some fantastic quality audio headphones and listen to some relaxing music. When you want complete silence, buy some earplugs and pretend you are beyond that evasive First Class curtain…

5. Select Your Seat Carefully Before You Board

Try to get a window seat to make certain you don’t have to keep getting up for your fellow row mates constant bathroom visits. In addition, don’t instantly assume an exit row is the best. Yes, these chairs have additional leg-room, but they do not recline. Rather, think about the row behind the exit row because you won’t have to worry about someone reclining in front of you. Also, bulkhead (front of the airplane) seats have the most leg room; however they don’t have any under seat storage or a seat pocket in front of you. You might not like having your belongings far away from you.

6. Bring A Good Sleeping Mask

Sleeping masks are fantastic for blocking out ambient lighting. They help by letting you get some good rest. Its a good idea to invest in a more expensive sleeping mask that sits away from the eyes and contains eye cavities built to the mask. Instead of pushing your eyelids, your eyes will be unobstructed through the REM (rapid eye movement) phase of sleep, which means you will sleep more deeply.

7. Do Not Exhaust Yourself

A lot of people make the mistake of exhausting themselves out before a long flight, but in case you can not sleep, being overtired will make you feel worse. Keep to your ordinary schedule before a flight. Don’t try to purposely exhaust yourself. Then on your flight if you feel that your eyelids are drooping then get cozy with your blanket and pillow and take a nap. While accessories such as sleeping masks and earplugs are crucial.

8. Bring Your blanket

Flights can be cold when you sit in a seat for hours. Sometimes blankets are not available on the flight. This is why its important to pack your own. A nice light cashmere blanket, a shawl or scarf should help keep you warm.

9. On-Flight Pampering

You can bring an assortment of beauty products on the plane. You can do a mini facial on the plan complete with a face mask. You can also do a mini pedicure and manicure (of course ask your fellow seat mates if the smell is OK ahead of time). You can also give yourself a hand massage. There are a ton of ways to do on-flight pampering.

As you can see, flying economy doesn’t truly have to feel like economy. With packing some items, you will feel like you are having a first class experience.


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