Cell phone plans can be pricey. You are probably wondering how you can save money on your plan. Because there are a lot of cell plan carriers, you have the ability to find a plan that is best suited for your needs and your wallet. There are some cell phone carriers that can help you save money on your cell phone plan. Below are 5 cell phone plan carriers that are more affordable.


Ting offers flexible pricing. They offer plans that only make you pay for minutes and data that you use. They have tiers of pricing. For example if you send 1-100 text message it will cost you $3/month and 1-100 minutes talk time is also $3. If you have to go a tier higher, you will have to pay more. This method of pricing makes sure that you don’t have to pay more than you use.

Some things to know about Ting:

  • They use Sprints Network and T-Mobile
  • Average bill: $26/month
  • No contract

Cricket Wireless

Cricket wireless is a big name in the low-cost, no-contract mobile world. AT&T owns Cricket wireless, which enables Cricket to be on their network. They have plans that start at as little as $30 a month. This includes unlimited talk and text and 2 GB of high-speed data. You can also save $5 a month by enrolling in auto pay.

Some things about Cricket:

  • They use AT&T’s netowrk
  • Average bill is $30 or highter
  • No contracts

US Mobile

This is a newer wireless carrier. It operates with the aid of GSM SIM cards. The wonderful thing about US Mobile, is that customers can choose from a combination of plans. This allows them to save money. They also provide great customer service in the case that something goes wrong.

Some things to know about US Mobile:

  • They use the T-Mobile network
  • Average bill is $15/month
  • No contracts
  • Flexible plans

Mint SIM

Mint Sim allows you to use your own phone. They do not make you get a specific phone just for their carrier. They have plans that start just at $15/month, but they require a 3 month commitment. The different is that they send you a SIM card in the mail to set up your phone.

Some things to know about Mint Sim:

  • They use the T-Mobile network
  • Average bill is $15/month
  • You can choose a plan without a huge commitment

Republic Wireless

Republic wireless runs on a wireless network and a 4G LTE network. Republic wireless is known for their amazing customer service and affordable plans.

Some things to know about Republic Wireless:

  • They run on Sprint and T-Mobile network
  • $15 can get unlimited talk and text
  • The average bill is $25/month
  • No contracts

Cell phone bills can get pricey. They can get into the hundreds of dollars for a good plan You should evaluate and see if you need to spend that much money on your cell phone bill, or if you can save some money. These five carriers mentioned above are great alternatives to the big names and they will provide you with good plans and coverage.


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